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Located in CT 
Stray to AABR
FA #1
Tag #1448
5 Yrs
(Birthday unknown)
_ lbs
Natural ears
Docked tail
Reported good with other dogs
No history with cats
Reported good with kids - all ages

3/26/13 - MEMORIAL

We have some heartbreaking news to share with you. Macho woke up this morning completely paralyzed. His foster mom rushed him to the vet, but he was already in respiratory distress and could not breathe. She made the very difficult decision to help him cross over the rainbow bridge. We are all completely devastated by this news - he had a great day at hydro-therapy yesterday and we were about to share a link to a new video.

We know you all loved our smiling boy as much as we did. We know he's looking down on us all now with a big smile on his face and a lively bounce in his step.

RIP, Macho...


It's hard to write this update because it is not what we had hoped for. Unfortunately, although Macho does have a treatable condition, Autoimmune Myelitis, he is one of the 25% of dogs that did NOT respond to treatment. We tried everything with him but he didn't respond to any of the medications and even continued to deteriorate on them. Thanks to some of our awesome volunteers, we got him a cart to help with quality of life and he loves cruising around in it. He has no hind leg function, but he has retained bowel/bladder control. We aren't sure how much time he has left as his prognosis is poor given the rapid deterioration, but we are dedicated to giving him the best care for whatever time he has left.

Right now Camacho is enjoying life up in CT with his foster mom, where he has a large grassy backyard and easy in/out access. He is living with a bossy female that loves him, which is really a testament to his temperament. He is just as happy as a clam and we will take care of him for as much time as he wants to live!

A special thanks to Karen, who opened her heart and home to Macho when he needed it most and has made it look effortless ever since.


We are very excited to announce that Camacho had his MRI and it showed an inflammatory reaction in his spinal cord, which we are treating with steroids and already seeing improvement. We will continue to update everyone on his progress, but in the meantime get your applications in for this amazing guy. He is 100% housebroken, can be left alone during the day and not touch a thing, and is great with dogs, kids of all ages and even didn't care about being around a rabbit. What more could you ask for?


Camacho has continued to steal everyone's hearts that has met him. He is just the sweetest dog and exceptionally friendly to everyone. As my husband says, he acts like it is "Christmas morning" every time we come home from work! He is so easy to care for because I don't have to crate him and he never has accidents in the apartment. He has been to see a neurologist who doesn't think his weakness is Degenerative Myelopathy. We are hoping whatever it is going on is either stable or reversible. In the meantime, if you want to open your home to an AMAZING dog - consider Camacho. His personality (and looks!) are one in a million!

11/26/12 -

Camacho was found tied to a fence on the upper west side of Manhattan with all of his belongings in a bag. Luckily, he was found by a previous AABR adopter who contacted our volunteers. Immediately two things were apparent: one, he is the sweetest dog EVER but also that he has some significant hind leg weakness. His nub starts wagging as soon as he meets you and he is all smiles. He was great with all the dogs he met and very friendly even when the other dog was *not*.

Camacho was evaluated by one of our vets who saw no obvious cause for the weakness, but obviously xrays are needed to see if there has been trauma. For now, this happy boy is hanging out in my apartment instead of out in the freezing cold. He loves getting petted and is very content to occupy himself by playing with his toys. Consider giving this wonderful boy a forever home -a temperament like this doesn't come along often!!

(click pictures to enlarge)

Thank you to Camacho's sponsors:

Karen Ericson

Marvin Ong

Susan Furman

Lindsay Vonnegut

Eileen Giltz


If you are interested in adopting this dog, please first read our Adoption Procedure, by clicking on the link at the top of this page, then fill out an online application.

Boxers and Applicants are not matched on a first come, first served basis. Not all applications are approved. On average, it takes between a week and 1 month to adopt a Rescue Boxer to an approved applicant, depending on your personal circumstances and flexibility.  

Matching Boxers suitable for placement with younger children, other dogs, cats, and special needs, yours and theirs, increases the application review time and adoption time.  

And yes, we realize that the Boxer you may have your heart set on, may be adopted before you're approved.   Should your first choices all ready found their forever home, we want you to advise us as to other dogs you are interested in at .  Or let us suggest a few that we feel will match your home.  That is what we are good at.   And be happy for the ones that have been placed... and know that there are way too many fantastic dogs waiting in their place.

Our non-profit organization is wholly comprised of hard-working volunteers whose only reward is seeing our wonderful Boxers placed in loving, permanent homes and given another chance for a happy life. Our process may seem slow, but if you are patient, we will try to provide you with a devoted, loving companion - a Boxer.

We hope you feel that the right Boxer is worth waiting for. 

Adoptions Fee: Please see our adoption info by clicking on the link at the top of this page.



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