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Maddie's Fund: The Pet Rescue Foundation

Adopt A Boxer Rescue is proud to be the recipient of a grant by The Boxer Rescue Foundation

Adopt A Boxer Rescue - proud and grateful recipients of a grant from the ASPCA

AABR recently received a grant from the ASPCA Philly RAP for $2,050.  Thanks to the hard work and good relationship of AABR Philadelphia, PA area volunteer Colleen Kane, this grant will help AABR rescue and care for many of the dogs coming for the Philly area. 

Philadelphia, PA is one of the ASPCA's targeted Mission Orange Sites. You can read more about it by clicking on the link below:

ASPCA Target Orange

The Humane Society of the United States Launches First National 'Puppy Mill' Tip Line
Hotline, 1-877-MILL-TIP


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Taking an easy dog from someone who has to move and rehoming him/her is not a huge challenge. The challenge is transporting and caring for dogs like Marshall, Dude, and Hutch, Stella, Lucy, Mya and Hooch, Eve, Fred, Nick and now Mikey. The challenge is finding the funds to help the dogs in need of medical care.

Thatıs where YOU come in. We need donations to cover the medical bills for these special dogs. Remember we get no public or private funding. We rely on adoption fees and your donations to cover our expenses. 

Please read: Adopt A Boxer Rescue is going GREEN
We are going GREEN because we care for the EARTH, and we also want all your contributions to go to the care of the dogs and not administrative costs such as paper and postage stamps.  Each year, AABR prints out and mails donation THANK YOUs along with contribution TAX letters to our many contributors.  We would like to do this through email, which will save us a lot of money.  When you "MAIL" your donation to us using a check, please add your email to the memo portion on the check.  You will receive your Thank You/TAX letter via email.  Thanks!
Want to really "rescue" a boxer?
  1. Please, if you our considering adoption, and you really want to "rescue" a boxer, start your search at the bottom of the available dogs section (white background with paw prints).  There are some great dogs there and they have been with us the longest.  (Please don't go to the yellow section below the available dogs... These dogs have already been adopted and found their forever homes! Yeah!)
  2. We at AABR don't shy from challenges and hope that you support us in our endeavor.  Whether they are dogs with medical issues or behavior challenges, by your support you obviously agree with our mission to give each dog a second chance.  We have many adoption applications requesting the perfect boxer.  But if per chance you are up to rescuing a boxer that will require a little extra TLC, or maybe requires a strong leader to bring out the best in it, please fill out an adoption application and then contact us, mention that you read this, and let us know you are interested in rescuing one of our special boxers.
  3. And if per chance you yourself are starting to show a little gray in your hair or mustache, maybe you can relate to some of our slightly graying boxers.  It's the rare individual today that can see the gold in those senior dogs that through no fault of their own are in need of a forever home.  Those individuals who have adopted our older boxers have a special knowledge of the rewards that only rescuing an older boxer brings.  And consider what would happen to your older boxer should you not be able to care for them.  You would want some good home to step up and care for them... Wouldn't you? 
  4. Email AABR Special Adoptions...  I'm up for it! and tell us where you're located, and which "Special" boxer you are interested in.  See are Then and Now section for some follow ups.
AABR is in urgent need of foster homes!


AABR has several dogs right now in need of a foster home.  Many of these dogs are waiting in kennels.  Sadly, we have had to turn away many boxers that are in danger in shelters because we simply have nowhere for them to go.  Around holidays and vacation times our need is even greater. 

If you have adopted or fostered for us before, please consider helping one of our dogs in need of foster to get them out of the kennel and into a home.  If you have not yet been approved, just submit an online foster application. (The foster app is the same form as the adoption app... Just check off the box that says you would like to Foster). If you can not foster at this time, please consider sponsoring one of our dogs to help with their kennel bills.

Our boxers need you - foster homes are what allows us to save their lives!  Vaporeon, spotlighted below, is just one of our boxers in need of a foster home - look for the Needs Foster Home above the pictures of our available dogs to see others looking for a foster family! 

Needs Foster Home


Vaporeon has completed enough training that we are now looking for the home that can continue his journey.  We will provide additional sessions with his current trainer in New Jersey.  If you read through the information about Vaporeon and feel he is a match for your home, apply today!

Please take a second look...

If you are interested in adding a new member to your family, and have decided to rescue a boxer, please take a minute to understand what rescue is.

Rescue is taking in a dog in need, no matter what age, sex, color, cuteness, etc..  AABR does that.

What that means is that if most of the adoption applications we get, are for females, under two years old, flashy fawn, and good with kids, dogs, cats, etc.. then what do we do with all our three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve and thirteen years olds?

And what do we do with all the white and brindle dogs? Or the males and females that don't meet your wish list? Granted we try do are best to match the "good with kids, dogs, cats, etc.. " for safety sake, but many dogs, if given the right training and time, can fit into many complicated households.

And consider the following... What would happen to your own dogs, if for some reason you needed rescue to take your dog, or worse, your dog became a stray and ended up in rescue.  Would people overlook your dog because of their age or color?  Or maybe you have not successfully trained your current dog to be "good with kids, dogs, cats, etc.. ", limiting their appeal to someone looking to adopt a dog. What would become of them?

So we ask you to take a second look at the 60 to 70 dogs on AABR's available dog page.  Maybe they are a bit older then you may think you want, or the wrong color, or have a bad picture that doesn't show their true beauty, but they are all beautiful.  Consider what RESCUE really is, and please take a second look at the dogs outside of your original criteria.


Available Dogs
If you recently brought home a new dog of any age, or have an existing pack... OR are thinking about adopting one soon... Just as a present to your dog and yourself, now is the time to read or re-read our training philosophy article Nothing In Life Is Free (NILIF)


Click on the Boxer's name for more info on each Available Dog. Read each bio very carefully, as not every rescue Boxer is suited for every home. If you feel that a certain Boxer is a good match for you and your lifestyle, then click here for our ONLINE APPLICATION.

And yes, please realize that the Boxer you may have your heart set on, may be adopted before you're approved.   Should your first choices all ready have found their forever home, let us suggest a few that we feel will match your home.  That is what we are good at.   And be happy for the ones that have been adopted... and know that there are way too many fantastic dogs waiting in their place.  We hope you feel that the right Boxer is worth waiting for. 

Please include your state and town in any and all correspondences to AABR.  Without this we can not dispatch your question to the correct volunteers.

I Am A

Needs Foster Home

I Am A

Needs Foster Home


I Am A

I Am A

Update 1/24/15

Update 1/24/15

Update 1/24/15

George 2
Update 1/24/15


Update 1/21/15

Update 1/21/15

Needs Foster Home
Update 1/21/15

Roxie CT
I Am A

Update 1/21/15


Update 1/17/15

Needs Foster Home

Needs Foster Home

Rocky MD
Update 1/17/15


Update 1/17/15

Update 1/13/15

Update 1/17/15

Update 1/13/15

Baby Girl
Update 1/07/15



Update 1/04/15

Update 1/11/15

Update 1/07/15

I Am A

Update 12/29/14

Update 12/29/14

Update 1/04/15

Needs Foster Home
Update 12/29/14

Update 12/17/14

Update 1/04/15

Update 12/10/14

Update 11/10/14

I Am A

Update 12/29/14

Update 10/28/14


Update 11/08/14

Update 8/11/14

Update 10/03/14


Update 9/16/14


Update 8/3/14


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Update 8/09/14

Update 7/14/14

Daisy D
Great Idea!
Have a family conversation, and discuss fostering a boxer for the any upcoming holidays. 
If you aren't going away for the holidays, we could use your help.  Some kennels and even some of our existing foster homes are not available to us during these times of year.  What gift could be greater than to save a life!
Update 8/4/13

Update 2/24/14


Gift Idea!

Please email your friends, family, & adoptive homes to use, a free and easy way to raise $ for AABR.

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Please make sure you've designated Adopt A Boxer Rescue as your "Selected Cause"

Update 5/8/13




If you would like to help please mail a check to:
 Adopt A Boxer Rescue
PO BOX 270551
West Hartford, CT 06127

or use

It's Fast and Easy to Use.


Friends of AABR - Courtesy Listing - Animals listed here are to help out our friends at local shelters and other rescues.

Friends for Life Inc.

The Simon Foundation

Humane Society of Morgan County

Oops-A-Dazy Rescue

Lucy W
Main Line Animal Rescue

Boo Boxer
Main Line Animal Rescue


Donations are Tax deductible!!

Please be sure to enter your name and designate which boxer you would like to sponsor in the area marked "message to seller" on the PayPal donation screen.

If you would like to help please mail a check to:
 Adopt A Boxer Rescue
PO Box 270551
West Hartford, CT 06127

or use

It's Fast and Easy to Use.

Adopt A Boxer Rescue is a s a non-profit, charitable 501(c)(3) organization
Contributions to Adopt A Boxer Rescue, a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, are deductible for computing income and estate taxes.
Please mark your donation as "anonymous" if you do not wish your name to appear on our Donors Lists.


No Longer Accepting Applications
For the Dogs Below this line...

(We are no longer accepting applications on the following dogs.  These dogs have been matched with a new home but have not yet been officially adopted.)

I Am A


Update 1/11/15





I Am A


Update 10/21/14


Update 11/10/14




On Hold

Update 8/17/14

Update 2/09/14

Update 6/12/11

Max NY
End of Available Dogs...

Taking an easy dog from someone who has to move and rehoming him/her is not a huge challenge. The challenge is transporting and caring for dogs like Marshall, Dude, and Hutch, Uma, Lucy and now Stella. The challenge is finding the funds to help the dogs in need of medical care.

Thatıs where YOU come in. We need donations to cover the medical bills for these special dogs. Remember we get no public or private funding. We rely on adoption fees and your donations to cover our expenses. 

If you would like to help please mail a check to:
 Adopt A Boxer Rescue
PO BOX 423
Harrison, NY 10528

or use

It's Fast and Easy to Use.

If you had your heart set on one of them, please be happy for them, and know that sadly, we never run out of AVAILABLE DOGS
(see above for Available Dogs)

January 2015  ADOPTED BELOW 21
Update 1/07/15

Update 1/11/15

Update 1/04/15

Eva PA

Update 1/11/15

Update 1/11/15


Update 12/17/14



Update 12/29/14

Update 1/11/15

Update 12/17/14


Update 12/29/14

Update 1/04/15

Coral Bell

Echo NY

Update 11/10/14

Update 12/17/14

Buddy 2

December 2014  ADOPTED BELOW 19

Molly NY
Update 12/17/14


Update 12/17/14

Update 12/17/14

Sarge PA
Update 12/05/14


I Am A

Update 11/08/14

Update 12/05/14

Update 11/10/14

Lucy MD
Update 12/05/14



Update 12/05/14


Sarge CT
Update 10/28/14


Update 11/10/14


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