AABR Founded November 24, 2004

On November 24, 2004, co-founders Dawn, Jamie and Sandy started Adopt A Boxer Rescue.  On that day, we already had about 30 something dogs, and about the same amount of great volunteers, but not a dime to take care of them.

We knew it would be a lot of work, but we couldn’t let the boxers down.  So we got to work, applied for the proper permits, established our organization, and went about caring for the dogs we had, while rescuing those in need, and finding good homes for those dogs ready for their forever homes.  In time, and with your help, we grew AABR to ensure that more dogs could be rescued and cared for.

So now its fourteen years later, and even with some advances in laws governing puppy mills and pet shops, everyday presents more boxers in need.  A day never goes by where shelters, owner surrenders, and other animal advocates don’t contact us asking for help for a boxer.  And a day never goes by that we aren’t contacted by individuals and families wanting to give one of our great boxers their forever home.

It’s important you know how we do what we do.

Volunteers: Our volunteers are the backbone of the rescue.  Without them, none of this would work.  They all have their own families and animals to take care of.  They all have jobs and they need to pay their bills and feed their families.  We have no paid staff, all work is done by these unpaid volunteers. These volunteers go out and meet and evaluate dogs for intake into AABR.  They then work to find foster homes suitable for the incoming dogs, care for their medical needs, care for their emotional and training needs, and present them on our website and our social media so that we can get them the best possible forever home.

Applicants: For almost every dog, dozens of applications are received.  That is fantastic! But what that means is that these apps must be reviewed, references and vet checks must be done, and home visits must be done.  For every dog adopted, one applicant will be very happy, and more than a dozen applicants will be disappointed.  Not every boxer is a good match for every family, and our job is to find the best match for each dog. We hope you will understand and be patient with the process.

Supporters: It is also important that you know how important you, our family of supporters, are.  No matter if you donate directly to Adopt A Boxer Rescue, or help by getting the word out about our fundraisers, and available boxers, we need and appreciate your help.

So we start another year braced and ready for the expected, and the unexpected.  We hope you continue to support us with our mission, and we thank you all for what you do for the dogs.

11/24/2019 15th Anniversary

Adopt A Boxer Rescue is a non-profit, charitable 501(c) (3) organization.

FOUNDING:  Co-founded by Dawn Karam, Jamie Meadow, and Sandy Trehy on Nov 24th, 2004