Boxers in Need – Seniors Rock

++November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month.

20161106_120406_1478527460791Help us celebrate our more seasoned rescue residents all November during Adopt a Senior Pet Month.

Older animals make great pets. We hope that when you’re ready to bring home a new pet, you consider adopting a more distinguished new family member. Here are just a few great reasons why:

  1. With older boxers, what you see is what you get. Adults are full grown and their general temperament is already developed.
  2. Adult boxers are usually more mellow and easy-going. While they may spend more time napping, they can just as easily enjoy a stroll in the park or a tussle with a favorite toy.
  3. Old boxers can learn new tricks! Adults are calmer and more focused, making it easy to teach new commands and house rules.
  4. Mature animals tend to be more independent and don’t need the constant supervision of a puppy or adolescent 1 to 3 year old.
  5. Senior dogs are more likely to be house trained before you adopt them.
  6. Seniors have lots of life experience, making them all the more grateful for a second or third chance at a loving home.
  7. Seniors for Seniors Program: AABR offers free adoptions for dogs over 8 years old when the adopter is 65 and older. $20 microchip fee still applies.
  8. If all or most adopters only want the young dogs, who will adopt all the rests?
  9. And maybe the best reason of all… What if down the road, for some unforeseen reason, your senior dog needed a new home? You would hope there would be someone like you, to adopt and care for your precious senior.
    Pay if forward…

To view all of our adoptable seniors, visit our Available Dogs Page and use the Filter to select “Seniors Rock”.