Apothes Pa

Status: Memorial
Gender: Male
State: Pennsylvania
Age: 6 Years
Date of Birth: (Birthday unknown)
Hair Color: Fawn with Black Mask
Ears: Natural ears
Tail: Docked tail
Reported Good With:
Male Dogs
Female Dogs
Kids Age Range: Kids All Ages

2/23/17 – MEMORIAL
Our poor boy, Hooch (aka Apothes), crossed the rainbow bridge on Thursday night.  To say we are heartbroken is an understatement.

Hooch came to us in September 2015 after his owners were moving and wanted to get rid of the “broken dog.”  He suffered from a stroke which left him incontinent and with stiffness to his hind legs.

Hooch entered our lives like a tornado, and drove me crazy the first couple of weeks.  I renamed him Hooch after the movie with Tom Hanks, “Turner and Hooch,” because of the havoc he reined down on us.  He had a bark that could rattle windows and he would bark nonstop.  I would try to put him outside, take a shower, use the restroom, cook dinner, crate him……bark! bark! bark!  I tried crating him one night when we went out and I still can’t figure out how he managed to escape! Also, if he was left alone too long – he would rip off his diaper.  This was right around the same time I herniated two discs in my neck and was dealing with tremendous pain.  I was about to call the rescue when my husband, Ryan, told me, “We made a commitment to help this dog, and we need to take it one day at a time.”  I have never been happier with a decision in my life.

Hooch just needed time to trust us.  He must have been so scared and confused in the first few weeks.  He eventually calmed down and became one of the biggest loves of our lives.  Everyone who met him just loved him.  He had this way of just making you happy by being around him.  His goofy personality was just infectious and you couldn’t help but smile.  You could always find him in his favorite place, which was in his dog bed by the fireplace.  He loved that spot!  If he would get up and another dog would go near it, he would run back to it so fast! Some days, it would get so hot in my living room that I would open the back door.  I just felt bad turning it off because he looked so content lying there.

To Hooch:
“Thank you for helping me be a more patient and caring individual.  In the short year and a half we fostered you, the rescue only had one application for you.  It was hard for people to look past your diaper, but Ryan and I saw you.  You were this happy, loving boy that we could never forget.  I just wish we had more time with you.  Ryan is going to miss your morning cuddle sessions and goofy whine when you were playing.  We love you, you big goof ball! Until we meet again……”

Rachel & Ryan


Apothes (aka Hooch) is a goofy, loveable, sweet boy who always aims to please. He is well behaved and is very easy going. Apothes’ favorite activities are sleeping and eating. He gets along well with his foster family and all the dogs at doggy daycare. Apothes does need to wear a diaper 24/7, but that doesn’t slow him down. He would do best with a family who is home most of the day.


Apothes is doing great! He gets along well with my female dog and all other dogs at daycare. He is the sweetest and most well-behaved boy, and he sure does have a personality! Apothes has two favorite spots in the house, either in front of the fireplace or on your lap. He enjoys sleeping most of the day in front of the fireplace. Apothes walks well on leash and sleeps at night in his crate. He will require somebody who is home most of the day because he will need to be changed to stay dry. If you are a good match for Apothes, apply today!


Apothes is a super sweet boy and a big lap dog. He gets along well with the female boxer in his foster home. Apothes is also doing well with his crate training. Everybody at daycare loves him! If you would like to help sponsor the cost of Apothe’s daycare, please consider a donation in his name. He would also love to find a forever family of his own if you feel you are a good match for Apothes!


Apothes is doing great in his foster home! He goes to doggy daycare every day and has made many friends. While home, Apothes has been working on crate training, so being comfortable enough to nap in there is a big step for him! This handsome guy is looking for a special home that will love him forever!


Apothes has been neutered and is recovering from surgery. He loves his new spot by the fireplace!


Apothes began doggie daycare and was so tired when he got home, he could barely keep his eyes open waiting for a treat! This awesome boy is going to make a great addition to someone’s family. Yes, he has special needs – but he also has more than enough love to make up for the extra care that he requires. Please don’t let his nerve damage scare you off – he is well worth it!


Apothes is now in a temporary foster home, but is still looking for either his forever home or a longer term foster. He is doing great with the other six dogs in the home and is a very loveable guy! Apothes is not a fan of the crate. He has some urine burns that are being treated and his temporary foster mom is trying out different options to help him stay clean.


Apothes is in urgent need of a foster home, or better yet – an adoptive home! His visit at the University of Pennsylvania revealed that surgery will not correct his issues. It is an injury to his spine that does not cause him any pain. Apothes will need some assistance to urinate (a little bladder push) and he will need to wear a wrap when in the house. He does not have mobility problems and is a very happy, goofy typical 5 year old boxer. If you are that special angel for Apothes, please apply today!


We are still looking for a foster home for Apothes. He was checked by our vet and we believe he may have a lesion on his spine or possibly a protruding disc. Apothes is having a neurology consult on Friday and we will need to find a foster home for him a few days after that. We would hate to put him in boarding at this point. Ideally, his foster home should be located in one of our main areas (Long Island, New York City, Scranton, or Baltimore) so he will have easy access to one of our rescue vets. We will update his page after the consult.

8/19/15 –

Apothes is a 5 yr old male boxer who is in need of a new home due to a change in life circumstances. He previously lived with a female dog and did well with her. Apothes suffered an injury two years ago and experiences incontinence as a result. We will have this checked out at our vet when he is neutered. If you can provide a home for Apothes, apply today!