Baby NY

Status: Other Placement
Gender: Female
State: New York
Age: 5 yrs, 7 months
Date of Birth: 04/28/2015
Weight: 46 lbs
Hair Color: Fawn
Ears: Natural ears
Tail: Docked tail
Kids Age Range: No Kids

Baby is working the camera in hopes that it will catch the eye of her forever home. In case you forgot, Baby is single and ready to mingle. She is hoping her perfect  home will find her soon – one with no other dogs, cats or children. She’s above all that drama. This velvety, smooshy, wrinkly face is waiting patiently on Long Island, NY to share her life and love with a family all her own.

Baby needs a new home as soon as possible, as she isn’t getting along with the resident dog in the home. Baby would prefer to be your one and only. She does not want to share her love with any other animals. Baby loves to play with toys, snuggle while watching reality TV, and snore like a freight train. She is fun and loving, and would make a perfect companion.

Baby is a 5 year old mush who is always happy, always kind, and very affectionate. Her favorite things to do are go for walks, snuggle, play, and run after a toy (she will not retrieve it, but likes to chase it). Baby absolutely loves other active and friendly dogs. She constantly wants reassurance that she is a good girl. Baby will lay at your feet and fall asleep.  She also loves sleeping in the bed with you.  She will start snoring the second you tuck her in!  Baby is a loyal girl who has so much love to give!  She likes to feel safe and confident that you are making her a priority. Baby doesn’t like to be alone.  She would like someone who is active and with her because she is making up for lost time. Baby is a sensitive soul who is looking for a best friend. She will give you a hug for no other reason than showing she loves and trusts you. She craves constant playtime and love. Please keep in mind that Baby is a puppy mill survivor and her soul is still healing from the torment she was forced to endure. Baby is looking for a best friend that she can cherish, and one that will cherish her back.

Welcome, Baby. She comes to rescue with hopes for a better life. Baby had been used strictly for breeding, but she is now quickly learning how to be loved and happy. She enjoys long strolls and walks like a dream on leash. Baby also enjoys playing with stuffed animals, taste testing different brands of ice cream, and snoozing on the couch. Baby celebrates her fifth birthday at the end of the month and wishes for nothing but a forever home.