Buddy PA

Status: Adopted
Gender: Male
State: Pennsylvania
FA #: 11
Tag #: 4024
Age: 4 yrs
Date of Birth: (Birthday unknown)
Weight: 65 lbs
Hair Color: Fawn
Ears: Natural ears
Tail: Docked tail
Kids Age Range: Kids 8 and older


Buddy has been with us for nearly 4 months and he’s gone from 48 pounds to 65 pounds! He is a healthy, happy boy. We’re shocked that he is still available for adoption. Buddy will immediately melt your heart. He is the sweetest guy and loves everyone he meets. Don’t let him being blind deter you from adoption. Now that he’s settled in, it’s barely noticeable as he plays normally, goes for 2-3 walks per day, and navigates the house without issue. His unique nub is where he gets his superpowers. This thing goes like a tiny helicopter 24-7.  He recently spent the afternoon (over 1 hour) at the local PetSmart as an unofficial greeter. It wasn’t planned, but we literally stood at the cashier while everyone checked out and customers entered the store. Everyone was giving Buddy treats and he obliged them with his tricks. Several ladies got down and gave Buddy kisses and belly rubs. It was one of those rare spontaneous moments that reminded me just how special this boxer boy is and the mission of Adopt A Boxer Rescue. Please consider making Buddy a part of your family.  He would do best in a home as an only dog and with somebody home the majority of the day.

Buddy is thriving in his foster home. This boy has a heart of gold. He’s so sweet and simply wants to be with his humans. He’s gained nearly all his weight back as he’s up to 60 pounds. Buddy now has free run of the entire house without a single issue. He doesn’t bother anything. He sleeps on his dog bed in his foster parents’ bedroom. He’s been getting daily walks and loves all the attention from everyone in the neighborhood. His leash manners are exceptional and he truly is a joy to walk. Buddy loves playing with toys, especially his Wubba. He gently takes treats and recently fell in love with apples and salt-free peanut butter. Buddy is going to make some family very happy. Please consider adopting this special young man.

Buddy has been with us for one month now. He has really settled into our routines. Buddy is the sweetest boxer we have ever met! We can’t emphasize this enough. Buddy’s temperament is amazing. His favorite activity is cuddling on the couch with his foster Dad. Buddy will lay with his humans for several hours at a clip. He has learned the layout of our entire first floor, including the living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedrooms. Buddy is so calm and easily “feels” his way around. He is gaining weight and has received a clean bill of health from our vet. Buddy LOVES to eat! He takes treats like a gentleman and knows sit & down commands. He is so smart. Buddy sleeps through the night in his crate and he is completely housebroken. Buddy enjoys his daily walks, going for car rides, playing with toys, and he has just started to request belly rubs! Buddy would do best as an only dog with a fenced in yard for a secure area. Please consider making this amazing boy a part of your family.

Buddy has just arrived at his new foster home. After spending two months in boarding, he has lost a significant amount of weight. Buddy is eating well and is happy to be back in a home! He received a bath and slept soundly through the night. Buddy’s foster family report he is very sweet. We will update Buddy’s page once he gets settled in.

Buddy is still looking for a foster or forever home. He is boarded at a training facility and is doing well. Buddy is food motivated and going into his kennel run and a crate without any problems. He has been integrated into the play room with other dogs. If you are interested in helping Buddy, apply today to help him get back into a home environment.

Buddy is in urgent need of a foster home. He is currently in a boarding kennel and his behavior is declining there. Buddy is blind and is very stressed in this environment. He would do best in a quiet home with no other dogs or with a submissive female and somebody experienced in managing their interactions. Please offer to foster Buddy and help get this boy back into a home environment!


Buddy visited the ophthalmologist today, but we didn’t get the news we were hoping for. His blindness is irreversible and due to retinopathy in both eyes. Buddy’s pupils responded incompletely and he had no blink response. The right eye has a nearly complete cataract and the left eye has a partial cataract. There is a giant retinal tear and retinal degeneration. Buddy was prescribed non-steroidal eye drops, which he will receive twice daily.

Buddy is currently looking for a new foster home. He does well with other dogs, but does need managed carefully at this time when food is involved. He navigates well around his environment and is a sweet boy. Please contact us if you are able to provide a foster or forever home for Buddy!

10/05/16 –
Buddy was surrendered to the shelter by his owners. He appears to have cataracts and doesn’t see very well. Buddy is reported to do well with both cats and other dogs. He loves people and his nub wags nonstop. Buddy traveled well in the car on his transport and is settling in great at his foster home. He is in foster with two other dogs, large and small. Buddy will be scheduled soon to see the ophthalmologist. After his visit, we will know more about his vision problems and prognosis.