Chance NY

Status: Other Placement
Gender: Male
State: New York
FA #: 2
Age: 2 yrs
Date of Birth: (Birthday unknown)
Weight: 52 lbs
Hair Color: Fawn
Ears: Natural ears
Tail: Docked tail
Reported Good With:
Male Dogs
Female Dogs
Kids Age Range: No Kids

Chance continues to be a very good boy in his foster home. His sit, paw and stay game is tight!! He loves to learn new tricks and is very proud of himself when his foster mom tells him that he is a good boy. Chance loves to snuggle with the other dogs in his foster home and also with his foster mom and dad. They report that he is a master of all snuggles.

Chance has been an absolute prize in his foster home. He absolutely adores dogs of all shapes and sizes. In fact, he has never met a dog he didn’t love. After learning more about him in his foster home, we have learned that Chance would be happiest in an adult only home. We don’t know much about his past experience with children, but he has shown us that he would prefer a life and home without them. This low riding wrinkle machine knows his commands down pat. He is eager to please, especially when a treat is involved. Chance’s favorite pastimes are cuddling with his canine besties, cuddling with his foster parents on the couch, or following his foster parents around the house.

Please welcome Chance to rescue. He is hoping for a better life. Chance comes to us from a rural shelter in upstate NY where he was confiscated as an abuse/neglect case. Chance was living in filth and the house was filled with garbage, fleas, various types of bugs, and several other dogs. He arrived at the shelter with much of his hair missing due to a flea infestation and both of his eyes severely infected. Chance deserves a second chance and we know in our hearts that we can find him a home that will love him for who he is, not what he looks like. Chance is super dog friendly, walks like a dream on leash, and is a pro at riding in the car. He is a pretty chill guy for his age and very well mannered. Chance would be a perfect addition to any home that is looking for a best friend to share their life with.