Disco Duke NY

Status: Available
Gender: Male
State: New York
FA #: 2
Age: 5 yrs
Date of Birth: (Birthday unknown)
Weight: 52 lbs
Hair Color: Brindle
Ears: Natural ears
Tail: Docked tail
Reported Good With:
Children (12 & older)
Kids Age Range: Unknown at this time

Disco Duke was at a poverty stricken rural shelter down south when our rescue partner stumbled upon him. He is estimated to be around 5 years of age and as you can see, he has been neglected for some time. Disco Duke was emaciated.  He had lacerations on his legs and an issue with his eye. The volunteer quickly pulled him from the shelter and immediately brought him to the vet. The bulbous “cherry” was removed from his eye, revealing a shrunken eyeball that is set very far back within the socket. The veterinarian believes that he suffered a trauma at birth or shortly thereafter, which resulted in the loss of vision in that malformed eye. Disco Duke has tested positive for Ehrlichia (a tick borne infection) and heartworm, which AABR is currently treating. Despite all that he has going on, Disco Duke is a sweet, gentle, and laid back fellow. He enjoys the company of other dogs and will follow his temporary foster mom throughout the house. Disco Duke loves his toys and can be found snuggling with them on his favorite blanket. He is a low maintenance, loyal gentleman. Disco Duke will be arriving on Long Island, NY next weekend and desperately needs a foster home to lay his weary head.