Hudson MD

Status: Adopted
Gender: Male
State: Maryland
FA #: 11
Tag #: 4127
Age: 1 yr, 7 months
Date of Birth: 02/13/17
Weight: 50 lbs
Hair Color: Brindle
Ears: Cropped ears
Tail: Docked tail
Reported Good With:
Male Dogs
Female Dogs
Kids Age Range: Kids 8 and older

We can’t believe Hudson has not been adopted yet. He is doing great in foster and whoever gets him will have a friend for life. Hudson enjoys having another dog in the home, but would equally love having his people all to himself. He has done great on the invisible fence. Hudson is not sure if his favorite activity is playing fetch or playing with the other dog. He is also doing well in his crate when left alone. Hudson is definitely a people oriented dog and prefers to do what you are doing or go where you are going. He is a dream in the car, as he settles down quickly and goes to sleep. While he isn’t your typical looking boxer, this handsome guy has so much love and affection to share. He is extremely athletic and would love to find an active family of his own.

We love getting updates like this from our foster families. “The shy boy from January is long gone! Nothing has changed from his previous write-ups about how charming, funny, and wonderful he is to have inside the house.  Hudson loves to snuggle and entertain himself with toys. He is good with commands and is crate trained, but the real big news is how comfortable he has become outside. Hudson is no longer fearful of loud noises and almost always walks at a heel on a loose leash, and will even sit quietly as another dog walks by.”

A few other new things Hudson’s foster family mentioned included that when they go on trips or visit friends and family, Hudson has had the opportunity play in a fenced in yard. He simply loves the freedom of running, exploring and playing fetch.  His foster family is training Hudson with an electric fence and he is doing great. Even when the ball goes near the boundaries, he will stop before he hears the beep and wait for someone to retrieve the ball.  Hudson really is an overall GREAT dog. He is still under 2 years old so he has moments when he gets excited and wants to jump up, but he quickly responds to reminders; even when they are given to him by their 10-year-old grandson.

While Hudson doesn’t get into the pool on his own, he comes over to the side so he can be picked up and carried into the pool.  Hudson can swim, but he prefers just to hang around and enjoy the cool water.  He loves to stand on the bottom with his front legs supported and watch all the activites.  He has even fallen asleep, floating on his foster mom’s lap.

Another big change for Hudson is that a new boxer has joined his foster home and they are getting along well.  If Hudson is placed with another dog, it should definitely be an active girl his size that can keep up with his energy level and style of play.

This write-up is just a tiny bit of all of the great things Hudson’s foster family has to say about him. If you want to learn more, just contact your coordinator or submit an application if you are not already approved.

Hudson has been moved to a new foster home and he continues to make progress. He is much less fearful and has done better walking by dogs and people. He still likes to bark when he hears things in and around the house, but that is improving also. Hudson is now an only dog and he has done very well with that. If placed with another dog, he would do best with an active dog his size and with an experienced home that can manage interactions. Hudson has no history around cats. He is great in the car and settles quickly. Hudson loves to play fetch and will bring the toy back to you. He is a loving dog who really enjoys attention. Hudson will need a home that will be a strong leader for him and will not let him get over excited. He responds well to a calm and assertive person. If you feel you are the right match for this fun loving boy, apply today for Hudson.

Hudson is a little love bug. While he will comfortably lounge on the recliner or in his crate with the door open, he will take any and every opportunity to snuggle up to me on the couch and cuddle for hours on end. It has been awhile since I have had a one year old foster and I had anticipated that our daily life would be a bit crazy. I was wrong! Hudson is so eager to please that he has learned every part of our routine. He is actually much lower energy than many of my previous fosters. He will play and be silly for about an hour after being crated for the day, but then will snuggle or nap until it is time for a quick potty walk. He then sleeps peacefully through the night, usually under the covers tight up against me. After a quick walk in the morning, Hudson will entertain himself by throwing his toys in the air while I get ready for work. The trick with Hudson is having a routine. He looks to “his person” not just for love, but for confidence and structure. When inside, Hudson knows what to expect and is able to be a sweet puppy. On walks, he is still a bit nervous and can get overwhelmed by other dogs walking/barking, critters, or commotion happening around him. For this reason, I really want him to have a home with a fenced yard so he can learn to relax when outside.

Hudson had been matched with a new home, but it was unfortunately not the best fit for him.  He is now back at his foster home. We finally had a few rain and snow free days in Pennsylvania, so Hudson has been able to get out for more walks. As a result, he has gained a great deal of confidence. Hudson still gets a bit anxious with joggers or a lot of other dogs walking, but he is definitely making great progress. We have also started taking car trips and he is now excited to jump in for a ride.  One of our trips to the pet supply store was poorly timed and a busy adoption event was occurring outside. Hudson was nervous at first, so we hung out on the sidewalk a few stores down. After 15 minutes of watching the other dogs, children and adults – he did amazing! Hudson walked right over and sat down next to everyone, just like he was a part of the group. He received a lot of love and attention. We ended up staying for an hour. We have also had people in the house for dinner or game night, and Hudson is nervous at first. He quickly warms up and attaches himself to the lap of anyone sitting on the couch.

Hudson gets along well with my senior boxer mix and continues to improve with learning manners. I think he would do great with another active dog and he would also do well and be happy as an only dog.  Hudson would also love to have a fenced yard to run and play in.

I can’t believe that Hudson has been here for three weeks and I am just now sending the update. It has been cold, snowy and icy outside so we have been busy indoors – playing with toys and snuggling. We even (pre) celebrated his 1st birthday, which is tomorrow. I’m also celebrating my fortune of having a young foster who is housetrained and crate trained. Three weeks, no accidents! Every morning he goes into the crate and waits for his kong when he see me grab my keys to head out the door. I am also celebrating the fact that although he is still very much a puppy and LOVES to play with his toys, he doesn’t touch things in the house that aren’t “his”. I have even left him alone for short periods of time and no problems at all

When Hudson is inside, I don’t see any signs of that shy, scared boy pictured at the shelter or who I met during transport. He is confident and spunky. You know the kind, crazy, spunky boxer still learning boundaries with me and my senior boxer mix. That said, I am happy to report that he has settled down quite a bit in the last few days so I will keep you posted.

Hudson is also doing great at learning leash manners, but outside he is nervous and timid – especially when he hears loud noises or sees strangers. As the ice melts, we hope to get out more and meet more people. I will keep you updated, but I have no doubt that he will overcome these fears.

Hudson is an 11 month old boy who was surrendered to the shelter when his family moved.  Hudson is very playful with other dogs and did great on his evaluations with several other dogs at the shelter. He does need some work on socialization, as he did not experience a lot of the outside world other than his life on the farm. Hudson was terrified at the shelter and with all the changes happening in his life. He needs a patient home who can help him learn to trust and build his confidence. Hudson just arrived at his new foster home in PA, where he is living with a female boxer mix. He is doing well in the crate when left alone and making improvements on his leash walks with his Halti collar. His foster mom is providing a lot of structure and training, and will update Hudson’s page once she learns more about him.