Jasmine VA

Status: Adopted
Gender: Female
State: Virginia
FA #: 11
Tag #: 0005
Age: 3 yrs, 7 months
Date of Birth: 03/17/2017
Weight: 72 lbs
Hair Color: Reverse Brindle or Black
Ears: Natural ears
Tail: Docked tail
Reported Good With:
Male Dogs
Kids Age Range: Kids 5 and older

Jasmine arrived at the shelter a year ago under protective custody as part of a cruelty case. She has spent the past year living with two shelter foster families. One foster home had two other dogs, a cat that she really wanted to play with, and two young children. The other foster home was an older couple who enjoyed taking Jasmine on long leash walks and allowing her to spend time in the fenced yard while they gardened. The other dog in Jasmine’s original home was videotaped being beaten and thrown down the stairs. According to a member of the household, Jasmine also suffered from physical abuse in the home. Her skin and hair were in very poor shape when Jasmine first arrived at the shelter. It was later discovered that Jasmine also had a partial cruciate tear. Thanks to the shelter working with numerous veterinarians to get her allergies under control and to repair her leg, Jasmine’s coat now shines and her leg has been fixed surgically. Jasmine’s allergies are well managed under a current treatment plan that includes Apoquel, Z/D prescripton food, several supplements, and periodic medicated baths. Jasmine needs slow and proper introductions with other dogs. Once she is comfortable, Jasmine does play well with others. She has done well with children, but her allergies make being around children more difficult since they may drop food. Considering the abusive home she came from, Jasmine is more hesitant around men. Once you have earned her trust, though, she shows off that whole body boxer wiggle.

Jasmine has been transferred to AABR and has been in a foster home in Virginia for several weeks now. Her foster mom indicates that Jasmine is very loving and is quite the snuggler. She loves to play with her ball or stuffed animals. Jasmine only gets on the bed or furniture when she is invited and she is completely housebroken. As an only dog in her current foster home, Jasmine is loving all of the attention. Without other dogs or young children, it has also been easier to manage Jasmine’s strict diet. ┬áThis young girl has been through so much and is looking for a dedicated owner with the financial means to manage her allergies and the time to give her the love and attention she deserves. Jasmine will return that love unconditionally.