Jewel PA

Status: Adopted
Gender: Female
State: Pennsylvania
FA #: 1
Tag #: 3287
Age: 6
Date of Birth: (Birthday unknown)
Weight: 40
Hair Color: White
Ears: Natural ears
Tail: Docked tail
Reported Good With:
Male Dogs
Female Dogs
Kids Age Range: No Kids


Jewel just moved to a new foster home in Pennsylvania, where she is now living with other dogs and also cats. We will update her page once she gets settled in.

Jewel is a loving and playful little boxer and being deaf does not inhibit her one bit. Her favorite thing to do is snuggling on her human’s lap and just hanging out with them. She is a low energy girl who loves to take naps. Jewel is both crate trained and housebroken. She is polite and friendly with all other dogs, although she rarely plays with them. Jewel can often be found sharing a dog bed with all of her foster friends. Due to her unknown past, Jewel has a fear of men. She is able to bond with some men, but needs to be allowed to do so very slowly. At times, she may suffer from stress around men that she has begun to bond with, and will need to be given space and time.


Jewel is still currently in boarding and training. She has made a lot of progress and is ready for her forever home. She would do best in a quiet environment with a male dog, a fully fenced yard, and no children under 16. If you are unable to adopt at this time, but still want to help Jewel – please consider being a sponsor for her. AABR is paying $15 a day for her care and training until a suitable home is found. Jewel could use your support while she waits for her forever family.


Jewel is a five year old petite boxer who is also deaf. Although she weighs just 37 lbs, Jewel is huge on affection and sweetness with people close to her. She can be somewhat shy with strangers and has a fear of boys and men, so will need a lot of patience and understanding to help her personality shine.

Jewel is crate trained and rides well in the car. She walks nicely on leash and is good with other dogs of all shapes and sizes. She is a big snuggle bug and loves nothing better than to curl up on your lap and be held. Jewel is also pretty low energy and doesn’t need lots of exercise. In fact, she would rather cuddle and nap.

Because she can be nervous around male strangers, she will need supervision and guidance when meeting them so her adopter will need to be able to offer her some support and be confident in these situations. She would be best suited to a quieter, calm home with a fully fenced yard and no children under 16. Deaf dog experience is not required and her trainer will offer any help needed, free of charge. If you have an appropriate home for Jewel, apply today!


Jewel has made great progress with our behaviorist and is reported to be a real snuggle bug. She has a more difficult time trusting men. Jewel is looking for a calm home with another dog and a fenced yard.

When Jewel first came into rescue, she was very thin. After giving several different foods a try and several trips to the vet, we have found that she has a limited range of foods her system can tolerate. Jewel is now eating Hill’s ID and doing well. Please consider donating towards Jewel’s food and continued training while she waits for a forever family!


Jewel will be working with our behaviorist in Connecticut to help improve her interactions with new people and to also work on her confidence. She arrived safely this weekend and introductions went well with the other dogs. We will post Jewel’s progress as she gets settled in.


Jewel was very uncomfortable with the older teenager in her foster home and needs to find a new placement quickly. She is in danger of having to go to our boarding kennel, but we are very concerned that Jewel will shut down there and refuse to eat. She is a very timid girl who is already significantly underweight.

Jewel would do best in a quiet environment without a lot of people coming in and out. She needs a confident dog in the home to be her ears and a fenced yard. Jewel is crate trained and bonded very quickly to her previous foster mom. We will be working with a trainer to help Jewel learn how to handle introductions to people she is not familiar with. This girl is in urgent need of a foster placement – please apply today to help Jewel!


Jewel just arrived at her new foster home this evening. She did great on the transport and all the volunteers who met her commented on how sweet she was. Jewel wasn’t eating well at the shelter and has lost a lot of weight. Her foster mom will be giving her some TLC. Jewel is very scared and unsure of the changes in her life right now. We will post a new update once her foster home learns more about her and she gets settled in there.

5/27/15 –

Jewel’s family relocated from the south and secured an apartment. When they arrived, they discovered that dogs were not allowed, so they took Jewel and her companion to the shelter. Jewel is a very petite boxer girl, weighing around 30 lbs. She is deaf, so is looking for a home with a male dog and a securely fenced yard.

Jewel previously lived with two children. She is a very gentle girl who gets along well with other dogs. Jewel is housebroken and typically slept in bed with her owners. She is a very sweet girl who loves to get belly rubs.

Jewel will be spayed soon and will then arrive at her new foster home, where she will be living with a small breed dog. We will post more information once Jewel’s foster home gets to know her better.