Jupiter MD

Status: Adopted
Gender: Female
State: Maryland
FA #: 11
Tag #: 4113
Age: 4 yrs
Date of Birth: (Birthday unknown)
Weight: 52 lbs
Hair Color: White
Ears: Natural ears
Tail: Docked tail
Kids Age Range: Kids 8 and older

Jupiter has been in rescue for two years now and we would love to find her a forever home of her own. She needs to be the only pet in the home, but Jupiter loves people. She is doing well on her medication and will just need annual visits with a cardiologist. Jupiter is a playful girl who has made so much progress in her foster home. Apply today if Jupiter could be a great match for your home!

Jupiter is still waiting for her forever home. She would prefer to be the only dog in the home and she loves being around people. Jupiter will often keep an eye on her neighborhood from the window. She just had her annual exam with the cardiologist and received a great report. Jupiter will continue to take Atenolol, which is an inexpensive cardiac medication, because she has responded well. This sweet girl is truly a delight and has been waiting almost 2 years for her perfect match. Apply today if you are interested in Jupiter!

Jupiter is a silly, fun loving girl. She loves her toys and going for walks. Jupiter just wants to be with her people. She is housebroken and continues to do well out of her crate. Jupiter keeps an eye on the neighborhood from the window. On a sunny day, Jupiter loves laying outside and rolling in the grass. She will be visiting with the cardiologist next month for her annual update and we will then post the results of that visit.  This sweet girl is truly a delight.

Jupiter continues to be a dream houseguest. She has graduated out of the crate and is able to have free run in the home most of the time. Jupiter has a lot of energy and loves to play with her toys. She also enjoys her walks and visiting with all the people in the neighborhood. Jupiter is working on proper greetings. She gets very excited with new people, but settles down quickly. Jupiter would do best in a home without other dogs, as her play time needs limited and she enjoys being the one and only.   She would do best with older children.  Apply today if you are interested in providing a forever home for Jupiter.

Jupiter continues to do well in her foster home. She is a star in the neighborhood on her walks. Everyone wants to say hello and Jupiter is doing great with greeting people. She walks well with her harness. Jupiter is playful and enjoys getting all her toys out. She loves challenges and has been working on her puzzle toys. Jupiter is crate trained and has been working on gaining some freedom for short amounts of time. Jupiter loves to be with people, so she can be a little restless when left alone too long out of the crate. She is a happy, silly girl who has a lot of energy and lots of love to give. Jupiter enjoys snuggling and wants to be right by your side. We will be discussing possible balloon valvuloplasty surgery in the future with her cardiologist, which is a procedure performed in dogs with valvular pulmonic stenosis. The balloon that is placed across the pulmonic valve is inflated to open the valve.

Jupiter is a silly, young, energetic boxer. This girl is not letting her heart condition get her down and she lives life to the fullest. Jupiter loves people and enjoys cuddling with her foster mom. She also loves playing silly games. Because of her heart, Jupiter’s play time needs to be supervised and kept to short periods. She loves her walks and seeing everyone in the neighborhood. Jupiter is crate trained and housebroken. She is working on proper greetings with people, but sometimes her excitement gets in the way. Jupiter had a great follow up visit at the cardiologist and will need to go back in a year for her next recheck.  We are discussing with the cardiologist if Jupiter is a good candidate for balloon valvuloplasty.  She will continue on the Atenolol medication.  Jupiter would do best in a home without other dogs or young children.

Jupiter continues to do well in her foster home. She is learning manners and doing well with using them. Jupiter loves the nice weather when she can take long walks and get to play outside. She loves people and gets very excited around them. Jupiter is working on how to properly greet people. She loves to snuggle and curl right up next to you. Jupiter is a silly, young girl with a lot of love to give.

Jupiter will need a follow up consultation at the cardiologist in early June to determine how she is responding to the medication. Please consider donating towards this appointment!

Jupiter is doing great in her new foster home. Don’t tell this girl there is something wrong with her heart, because she has no idea. Jupiter is a typical spunky, young, and energetic boxer. She will keep you laughing with her silly antics.  Jupiter just loves life. She enjoys playing with her toys and a human friend. Jupiter does great on her walks using a harness. She really enjoys walking and exploring the neighborhood. Jupiter is learning manners and how to understand boundaries. She is house trained and crate trained. One of Jupiter’s favorite things to do is snuggling with her human and resting tight up against you.

Jupiter has been moved to a new foster home and is settling in well. She is a high energy young girl who would love to be the focus of your attention.  Jupiter should go into a home without young children or cats. She has a lot of potential, but just needs a home willing to give her time and training.

Due to a high grade heart murmur detected at the vet, Jupiter visited the cardiologist on 1/9/18. We were hoping for better news, but we sadly learned that Jupiter does have some inherited cardiac issues that will need monitored. She was diagnosed with severe congenital subvalvular pulmonic stenosis (PS) with dysplasia of the pulmonary artery and mild valvular aortic stenosis with secondary right ventricular hypertrophy. She is now taking an inexpensive medication twice daily. Jupiter is able to exercise as tolerated, but may need more rest periods and will need warmed up prior to moderate activity. Jupiter will need to be reevaluated by the cardiologist in 4-5 months.

Jupiter has a lot of love to give and is ready for a forever home.  As a young boxer, she needs a home willing to provide boundaries.  Jupiter will also need regular follow ups throughout her life with a cardiologist.  She is crate trained and will constantly make you laugh with her silly puppy antics!

Jupiter is a 2 yr old girl who was surrendered to the shelter by her owners. She does well with other dogs and loves people. Volunteers at the shelter reported that Jupiter is the sweetest girl. They also indicated that she has a heart murmur.  We will be scheduling a vet appointment soon to have this checked and Jupiter will also see a cardiologist, if needed.  She just arrived at her new foster home and is living with a male boxer.  Jupiter is a high energy girl and would love to have a fenced yard in her new home.  She is housebroken and doing well in her crate.  We will post an update as soon as she sees our rescue vet and we learn more about her murmur.