Layla VA

Status: Other Placement
Gender: Female
State: Virginia
FA #: 11
Age: 4 yrs, 3 months
Date of Birth: 02/22/2014
Weight: 90 lbs
Hair Color: Reverse Brindle or Black
Ears: Natural ears
Tail: Docked tail
Kids Age Range: Kids All Ages

Layla is being surrendered to rescue by her owners. They indicate she is a wonderful dog in almost every way, but Layla is very protective of her owners around other dogs and she can be reactive on leash. Layla currently lives in a rural area with a fenced yard where she doesn’t need to interact with many other dogs on walks. Her owners are moving to New York soon and their new home is in a busy neighborhood with many other dogs. They feel it would be in Layla’s best interest to find a home where she can remain in a setting like she is used to now.

Layla does currently live with a Puggle, but she can get very possessive of her people around the other dog. She is housebroken and trained to an invisible fence. Layla is wonderful with children of all ages and loves every person she meets. She has never been around cats. The volunteer that met Layla indicated she greeted him with wiggles and a lot of kisses.

Layla is looking for a quiet home outside of the city where she will have infrequent interactions with other dogs outside of her home. Her family loves her dearly and is devastated to part with her.  They are going through rescue to make sure Layla gets a wonderful home who will treat her as part of their family.  If you can provide an appropriate environment for Layla, apply today.