Lillie PA

Status: Adopted
Gender: Female
State: Pennsylvania
FA #: 11
Tag #: 4000
Age: 1 yr, 6 months
Date of Birth: (Birthday unknown)
Weight: 51 lbs
Hair Color: Fawn
Ears: Natural ears
Tail: Docked tail
Reported Good With:
Male Dogs
Kids Age Range: Kids 8 and older

Lillie has been in foster for about 6 months and really deserves to find her forever home. She is young and still has boundless energy, but is making a lot of progress with manners. Lillie is doing much better with the children in her foster home. She would need slow introductions with other dogs. Lillie is a sweet girl who is ready find a family of her own.

Lillie is making a lot of progress in foster. She is learning her manners, starting to walk better on leash, and is doing better with the young children in her foster home. She still has a lot of puppy energy and needs exercise to get her energy out. She loves to play with her toys, chew on her bones, and run circles in the yard. But at the end of the day, she loves to cuddle up on the couch with her foster family.

Lillie is looking for a new foster home, or better yet – her forever home! She is doing much better with her manners and just needs somebody willing to put in the time to work with her. Lillie is improving on leash and has learned new commands. She knows sit, down, and stay. Lillie is very eager to learn. She was evaluated with other dogs and did well on her visit with two different male boxers. Lillie would be best with dogs her size or larger, and should not be placed with cats. She would also do better in a home without young children. Lillie is a great dog with a lot of playful energy.


Lillie is still waiting for her forever home. She has a lot of puppy energy and would benefit from a fenced yard to run in. Lillie does need some work on her leash manners, particularly when she sees other animals. Lillie has a very high prey drive. We are hoping to introduce her soon to another dog to better evaluate her behavior around them. Lillie is eager to please and just needs a home willing to continue her training.


Lillie is starting to settle in at her foster home. She is super playful and very loving. Lillie always wants to be by your side. She will now go to her crate and lay in there on her own when she is tired or wants a place to rest. Lillie is walking better on leash. She takes direction well, but still has a lot of puppy energy and excitement. Lillie loves to run around the backyard and play with her toys outside. She was recently spayed and is ready to find her forever home!


Lillie has been moved to a new foster home in PA. She has a very high prey drive and was not doing well with the cat in her previous foster home. Lillie is eating well and gaining some much needed weight! She is becoming more assertive as she feels better, and needs a home that can provide her with consistent training and exercise. We will post more information once her foster family gets to know Lillie better.


Lillie is doing great in her foster home and learning all the routines. She doesn’t mind her crate, but just needs a treat to go in. Lillie loves car rides and is a great passenger. She will either sit or lay down when traveling. Lillie also loves playing with her toys and relaxing on the couch. We are still working on her leash manners. Lillie is now fully vaccinated and will be spayed soon. She is ready for her forever home – don’t miss out on this sweet and well behaved girl!


Lillie is settling in really well at her new foster home. She is a very sweet and well mannered girl. Lillie knows her basic commands of sit, stay, down, and paw. She will let you know when she has to go outside to potty by either going to the back door or pawing you and then going to the door. Lillie loves playing with balls and rope toys. She enjoys being with her people and wants to snuggle up next to you. Lillie is very thin, but is eating well. We are going to slowly increase her food. She just has a few days of antibiotics left. Lillie does need some work with her leash walking, as she pulls and tries to play tug with the leash. She has met the cat in her foster home, but doesn’t seem to be a fan yet. When she met another dog on a walk, her nub was wagging and she wanted to play.

If you can help with Lillie’s medical bills, please visit the link below. Parvo is an expensive disease to treat, but easily preventable with proper vaccinations. We will continue to update Lillie’s page as she makes progress in her foster home.

7/06/16 –

Lillie was surrendered to the vet’s office to be euthanized when her owner could not afford the treatment for Parvo. Lillie recently had a litter of puppies who all passed away at 6 weeks of age (likely also due to Parvo). When Lillie found herself sick and alone at the vet’s office, AABR was committed to save her life and help Lillie find a wonderful, forever home through rescue once she was treated.

On Tuesday, the vet’s office reported that Lillie’s temperature had returned to normal and she was no longer displaying any symptoms. Lillie was feeling much better and even wagging her tail. She was also starting to eat. The vet is comfortable sending her home, so Lillie will be transported to rescue this weekend.

Lillie is in urgent need of a foster home when she arrives in rescue this weekend. She can be placed into a home with a healthy, adult dog who has been vaccinated. Donations toward her treatment are also needed and very appreciated. As of Tuesday, her bill at the vet hospital was $1400.00.