Lucy MD

Status: Adopted
Gender: Female
State: Maryland
FA #: 11
Tag #: 4149
Age: 6 months
Date of Birth: 09/24/2017
Hair Color: Brindle
Ears: Natural ears
Tail: Docked tail
Reported Good With:
Male Dogs
Kids Age Range: Kids 12 and older

Lucy has been in her foster home for three weeks now. She was spayed on Friday and is now ready to find an experienced adopter. Lucy is doing well with the other dog in her foster home. She also stayed at a family member’s house last week and met their two small dogs. Lucy sits at the door to get her leash on, but does need a lot of work on her leash manners during walks. She barks initially in the crate when left alone, but does settle down. Lucy loves being with her people. If you are busy, though, she will either sleep or play by herself.  Lucy has a lot of energy and would play all day.

Lucy does need an adopter who can manage her behavior around new people and things. She will growl and bark at anyone coming into the house or with things she is unfamiliar with. Lucy would not be an appropriate match for an apartment or townhouse setting. She would do best with a large fenced yard to play in. Lucy needs time to warm up to people and will need to approach them on her own. She has met several family members and it typically takes about a half hour to warm up to them, but she does still remain cautious. Lucy is very strong willed and will need a firm, but kind and patient owner. She seems more secure around other dogs.

Lucy is a 6 month old puppy who was surrendered today to rescue. Lucy was purchased from a breeder, but has not been provided any socialization or training in the last four months. She just arrived at her new foster home, where Lucy is now living with a male dog and a guinea pig. It does take Lucy awhile to warm up to new people. She is very fearful, and will bark and growl when uncomfortable. Lucy would do best in an experienced home without children and a lot of activity at this time. She would enjoy having a fenced yard and a male dog to help provide confidence. We will update Lucy’s page once she gets settled in and her foster family has a chance to get to know Lucy better.