Manny PA

Status: Adopted
Gender: Male
State: Pennsylvania
FA #: 1
Age: 9
Date of Birth: (Birthday unknown)
Hair Color: Brindle
Ears: Natural ears
Tail: Docked tail
Reported Good With:
Female Dogs
Kids Age Range: Kids All Ages

Age is as of 2016

Sometimes dogs join the rescue and spend far longer in foster than we ever thought they would. Manny is one of those dogs. He has been waiting since August 2015 for his forever home to find him. Located in PA, Manny does need somebody home often. Manny is good with other dogs and wonderful with people. Please apply today if you are interested in making Manny a part of your family.

Manny has been waiting over a year for his forever home. He is a sweet boy who is good with other dogs and has loved every person he has met. Manny really enjoys car rides and has been healthy since coming to rescue. Manny is looking for a home who is retired and around most of the day. He is now able to stay in a crate for up to three hours. Manny is a wonderful boy who will repay you ten times over!

Manny is a healthy, loving, and loyal boxer boy. He loves going for car rides and on walks. Manny was left at a shelter by a man who didn’t have any money. Manny had been returned twice before to the same shelter for financial reasons. We need to do better for him this time! Manny needs a hero that will love him forever. We are approaching the one year anniversary of Manny joining the rescue and a forever home would be the perfect gift!!

Manny is waiting for his hero. He needs a special home that can help him get over his fear of being left behind again. Manny is a sweet boy who loves car rides.

Manny is doing great in foster! He loves other dogs and enjoys their company. Manny loves to go in the car for rides and just wants to be near his people in the home. Manny does not like being left alone. He would rather go in the car with you or go to daycare. Manny has never had a seizure and has not been on medication. This boy is in great shape. Manny loves to exercise and run. If you are interested in adopting Manny, apply today!

Manny has settled in well at his new foster home. He has now been weaned off all medication and has not experienced any seizures. Manny is wonderful with children of all ages. If you are interested in adopting Manny, apply today!

Manny’s foster home is working long hours, so he is now looking for a new foster placement. Manny is great with other dogs. He does take medication for seizures, which have been controlled. We are slowly weaning him on a lower dosage and will determine if this medication is still needed.

Manny is beginning to get more comfortable and easily walks into his crate now. He has also started to eat better. Manny is very eager to meet other dogs when out on his walks and will need some work with leash manners. Overall, he has been such a good boy and is a delight to have in our home.

Manny has been an absolute delight! He is a calm gentleman, yet you can get him excited and playful. Manny is wonderful around other dogs and he loves people. He has been exposed to babies (4 months old) to children (7 yrs old) and has only shown kisses, patience, and love. Manny sleeps well and loves to go for car rides. He is very gentle when taking food. Manny enjoys going for walks and listens well. He has been boating and in water, but does need some swim lessons! Manny is so easygoing and just wants to be with you. He looks to his people for direction. Manny is truly a gem!!

Manny was surrendered to the shelter when his owner lost his home. This is the second time in the past year that Manny has been dropped off at this shelter. Manny previously lived with a 9 month old boxer mix puppy. He is described as an easygoing boy who is very sweet with people. Manny will be arriving soon at his new foster home. We will update his page once his foster family gets to know him better.