Marigold NY

Status: Adopted
Gender: Female
State: New York
FA #: Jamie
Tag #: 4690
Age: 6 yrs
Date of Birth: (Birthday unknown)
Weight: 54 lbs
Hair Color: Brindle
Ears: Natural ears
Tail: Docked tail
Reported Good With:
Children (12 & older)
Kids Age Range: Unknown at this time

Marigold was freed from a puppy mill along with Azalea. She was filthy, her ears were black and filled with ticks, and her feet were sore, stained, and covered with calluses. Marigold cowers and is frightened at the very sight of humans. On her first day free from the mill, our volunteers had to carry her because Marigold was riddled with fear. Our friends at Hounds Town Farmingdale on Long Island, NY pampered her with a bubble bath, loving hands, and kind words. She was so exhausted after her bath that she fell asleep sitting up. Her fear prevents her from seeking any comfort. This is her reality and this was done to her at the hands of puppy mill owners. Marigold’s body and her mind has been violated and tormented for years. She is currently in a foster home with another dog and several cats. Marigold’s forever home will need a physical fence (no electric fences please) and another male dog to help her navigate life outside of the mill.