Maybelline NY

Status: Adopted
Gender: Female
State: New York
Tag #: 2747
Age: 5 yrs
Date of Birth: (Birthday unknown)
Weight: 44 lbs
Hair Color: Fawn
Ears: Natural ears
Tail: Natural tail
Reported Good With:
Male Dogs
Kids Age Range: Kids All Ages


This girl has learned to love life!

Maybelline is the female in the video with the natural tail and two squares in her fur on her back, where her HW treatment was administered. She is healthy now and ready for her forever home.

Try not to smile while you watch it.

Sweet Maybelline has excelled with her foster dog pals and we are working with her to overcome issues with cats. Maybelline was rescued from a hoarding situation and her body’s scars are almost healed and gone, but her memories aren’t. Maybelline loves guests and is content watching the action from the couch while around toddlers through teens. She has enjoyed all the commotion of the holidays and remains very relaxed with polite interactions. Maybelline is very attentive to everyone, listens well, and is obedient. We are almost through her heartworm treatment and look forward to spending more time off the property, working on public interactions and shyness with strangers in the big world. Maybelline is a very good choice for someones who would like a companion at home for themselves, their family and/or their own relaxed dog.

Maybelline is a great pal to everyone in her foster home. She has adjusted to the good life and is thriving. Maybelline welcomes guests and children inside her home and yard. She is working on her shyness towards the world outside her property. Maybelline enjoys snuggling on the couch, but also enjoys being a part of all the house activities with her people and foster pet housemates (2 Boxers and 2 cats). She is very well behaved and has a calm, gentle temperament.

Maybelline is currently undergoing heart worm treatment with fantastic veterinary care provided by AABR. Learn about Heartworms here:

Please always protect your furry friends from heartworms.

Maybelline had her first HW treatment today.  She was whimpering for sometime after getting back to her foster home, but is starting to rest a bit easier as the night goes on. She is snuggled up with her stuffed toy and AABR blanket. It is so important to use preventive HW pills for all our dogs.  The treatment is so much harder than a once a month chewable pill. Maybelline has two more shots to go through in a month.  She is a real trooper and a loving and loyal boxer girl.

10/17/16 –
Maybelline came to rescue as a neglect case. She is very thin and needs treatment for heartworm. It was reported that Maybelline is good with children and lived with numerous cats. The volunteer that met Maybelline at the shelter indicated she is a very sweet girl who immediately responded to kindness. Maybelline is settling in well at her foster home. She has a gentle temperament and enjoys playing with toys in the backyard.