Owen NY

Status: Happy Ending
Gender: Male
State: New York
FA #: 2
Tag #: 12345
Age: 3 - 4
Date of Birth: (Birthday unknown)
Weight: 80 lbs
Hair Color: Fawn and White
Ears: Natural ears
Tail: Docked tail
Kids Age Range: Kids All Ages

Thanks to Mary and Joe O'Brian for giving Owen his name!

10/10/16 -Happy Tails

Today is Owen’s Gotcha Day… The day he entered my life and got me… LOL

No way was I thinking about adopting an 80 lb boxer, and I doubt very much he was too sure about me either.  The volunteer who met me with Owen at the transport pickup spot, also doubted the match was made in heaven.  I asked him to walk Owen around the parking lot a few times, and then I took the reins… I mean leash.  It was obvious that Owen was very stressed from his long trip north, and initially at least, would need a lot of work to get ready for his forever home.

So I will tell you now, that first impressions aren’t always right.  Yes, all dogs taken into rescue undergo a lot of stress.  But it’s very hard to tell in the first few days what the dog will actually turn out to be like.  As we tell all of our fosters and adopters, I went slow, and gave Owen time to decompress.  Not a lot of petting, and talking… a moderate amount of slow walking on leash, as Owen was Heartworm positive, some restrictions as to where he could roam in the house, and was content with sleeping through the night on a dog bed in my bedroom.  With very little prompting, Owen was very obedient and well behaved.

Then one night, he came to the the side of the bed, put his head into my chest, and a heavy sigh turned into a little whimper, and larger sighs. he pressed harder into my chest and I gave him enough room to slide up along side me.  He continued to whimper for a few minutes, and I swear he was telling me his story.  I listened and tried to sooth him.  Within a few minutes he seemed to calm down, and Owen slid down off of my bed and went back to his bed for the rest of the night.  He repeated this for about a week, with the whimpers and sighs getting lesser and lesser, and then it stopped.  He got me.


01/29/16 – Today is the first day that Owen can start to do some activities that will raise his heart rate.  Dogs diagnosed with HW must be kept calm and quiet.  He will need to be tested in 6 months to make sure we got them.Owen2015Oct24b

Owen is a very good boy and listens well, but now we will be able to learn more about him as his life becomes more normal. 

12/28/15 – Owen did no better with the next two HW treatment shots he had.  We survived it, but I am telling you that you don’t want to have to put a cherished family member through it if you don’t have to.  Please use HW preventative.

11/23/15 – Owen got his first HW treatment and it was not easy.  Some dogs take it better than others, and Owen cried for hours even with pain meds.  It is really important to give that little HW pill on schedule and so much better than having to treat them for it if you don’t.  It’s not the same as treating for worms that affect their digestive tract. Killing those worms allows them to leave their bodies conveniently through their digestive tract.  Killing worms that exist in their heart and bloodstream is not easy and dangerous.  The dead heartworms have no exit, and must be reabsorbed by the body without causing a blockage.  He will need two more shots in a month.  We are both not looking forward to it.

10/10/15 –

Owen just arrived at his foster home.  He is a BIG boy, and very strong.  We will let him settle in for a few days and advise when we know more about him.

9/24/15 –

Owen is a 3 to 4 year old male boxer who was found as a stray and brought to a southern shelter. Adopt a Boxer Rescue was asked to help because Owen developed an upper respiratory infection and he needed out of the shelter ASAP. Owen is also heartworm positive.OwenNY1509-03

Owen is reported as a goofy boy that is good with other dogs. He just went into a temporary foster home while he waits for transport to New York. Owen will need a foster home once he arrives so we can start his heartworm treatment. Please apply to foster or adopt this handsome boy!