Roxy CT

Status: Forever Fosters
Gender: Female
State: Connecticut
FA #: 1
Tag #: 3812
Age: 5 yrs
Date of Birth: (Birthday unknown)
Hair Color: Fawn
Ears: Natural ears
Tail: Docked tail
Reported Good With:
Male Dogs
Kids Age Range: No Kids

3/23/19 – Forever Foster
Roxy is one of those dogs who come into rescue and their history and behavior are not fully known. While many dogs improve and thrive once in the safety of rescue and a loving home, Roxy has made limited progress. She struggles to trust and despite patient handling and work over the past two years, Roxy remains nervous over simple day to day events and can quickly escalate to fear aggression. For this reason, we feel it is in Roxy’s best interest, and because AABR wouldn’t knowingly adopt out such a dog, that she remain with her trainer where her life is simple, daily routines and she has stable canine companions for emotional support. In this environment, Roxy can live her best life possible and enjoy her ball chasing and sunbathing.

If you would like to contribute towards Roxy’s care, either a one time donation or maybe a small monthly amount, please visit our website and make a donation. If you are not in a position to adopt a dog from us, maybe you would consider Roxy as your virtual adopted boxer and can send her something monthly. In return, Roxy will send you updates on her life and photos. Thank you for helping boxers like Roxy.

Having lost her home and family, Roxy has had a lot of changes in her young life which left her confused and feeling stressed and defensive. She is a highly intelligent Boxer and loves to be mentally challenged. Roxy did not do well in her first adoption and bit a small child who wanted to hug her. She was returned to AABR and was then moved to our trainer’s home. Roxy has calmed down and improved tremendously with her trainer. She loves other dogs of all shapes and sizes and is comfortable with adults. Roxy is particularly exuberant with men, but still remains cautious of children, so an adult only home is what she is looking for. Roxy loves to play ball and engage in games with her people. She has shown some tracking skills which can be used to engage her mind in great games of finding objects. Roxy can be possessive with her food and simply needs to eat her meals in peace, either in a crate or a room. She sits patiently for treats and knows basic commands.

Roxy is not a novice’s dog. She is looking for an experienced adopter who is confident around large dog she and understands how to get the best from a sensitive, smart Boxer without using force. Roxy is very happily crate trained and needs moderate exercise. She would do best in a home with a six foot fence to chase balls and sunbathe. If you meet Roxy’s needs, apply today!

Roxy is an athletic girl who loves to play and her favorite toy is a ball. She is a very smart dog who knows all her commands. Roxy needs a lot of exercise and enjoys a good game of fetch. Roxy comes with training help. If you are an experienced home and think Roxy might be the right match, apply today!

Roxy is doing great with our trainer. She’s a smart dog that needs a confident home. Roxy loves to work and enjoys playing with her ball. She comes with training and help from her foster mom with her transition.

Roxy is still currently in boarding and training. She is looking for an adopter who is confident, consistent, and has an understanding of what it takes to get the best from her. Roxy needs an adult only home where she can run and play fetch in a fenced yard. If you are unable to adopt at this time, but still want to help Roxy – please consider being a sponsor for her. AABR is paying $15 a day for her care and training until a suitable home is found. Roxy could use your support while she waits for her forever family.

Roxy has been with her trainer, Kim Barnett in CT, for two weeks. Having been surrendered by a family who could no longer keep her, Roxy had several changes of foster homes and then was briefly adopted. All of these changes were unsettling for Roxy. As she struggled to come to terms with these changes, she became somewhat reactive to anything she perceived as a physical threat. It soon became clear that Roxy wouldn’t be able to settle into a busy home with small children. After she nipped a child and showed that she was clearly uncomfortable, Roxy was returned to AABR and is currently living in our trainer’s home. This is what she has to say about Roxy:

Roxy is a very smart girl with a somewhat dominant personality. At times, she can try to be challenging and possessive, but she is actually just trying to find out where she stands with people. Roxy will not be bullied or physically pushed or corrected – this results in a very defensive reaction and I feel that in her past, she has probably been pushed around too much. Being confident and psychologically outsmarting Roxy is the only way to get the best from this girl, which means also being very methodical and patient with her. After two weeks, we are forming a very nice relationship where Roxy listens and understands that nothing is given until I get what I need from her. Roxy knows the basic commands, which is very useful when working with her. We are currently working on impulse control, giving up toys and balls, and generally having some fun playing fetch – which she loves more than anything. Roxy is very food motivated and this has proven to be extremely useful when rewarding her good behavior. Roxy is such a smart girl and she loves to work and play with her person. That person just needs to be confident, consistent, and have an understanding of what it takes to get the best from her. I have no doubt that she will make a wonderful companion for the right person.

Roxy is housetrained and crate trained (she loves her crate), is calm when riding in the car, and enjoys the company of other dogs. She would like an adult only home where she can run and play fetch in a fenced yard. Roxy would also make a great walking or running buddy.

Roxy just arrived at our behaviorist’s home. She will be evaluating her and helping Roxy build her confidence. We will update Roxy’s page with her progress. If you are interested in sponsoring Roxy’s training, please consider donating to this beautiful girl!

Roxy is being returned to rescue to find a home without small children. She needs a calm and quiet home who is willing to work with her insecurities. Roxy is currently at a training facility in New Jersey. If you are interested in fostering or adopting Roxy, apply today.

9/2015 – Adopted

Roxy is still looking for her forever home. She is good with other dogs, young children, and even tolerated a cat in her temporary foster home. Roxy has been diagnosed with cardiac stenosis, which will require monitoring annually with a cardiologist. She is not restricted with any activities at this time and did great during her recent spay surgery. Roxy just moved to a new foster home in Pennsylvania. We will update her page once her foster dad gets to know her better.

Roxy is a 2 yr old girl who was surrendered to the shelter when her owner had a new baby. She is reported to be good with other dogs and with children of all ages. Roxy just arrived at her new foster home and is settling in well. We will post more information once her foster mom gets to know her better.