Sarah MD

Status: Memorial
Gender: Female
State: Maryland
FA #: 11
Tag #: 4278
Age: 10 yrs, 8 months
Date of Birth: April 2010
Weight: 74 lbs
Hair Color: White
Ears: Natural ears
Tail: Docked tail
Reported Good With:
Male Dogs
Female Dogs
Kids Age Range: Kids All Ages

12/15/20 – Memorial
Sarah’s brain tumor progressed and we had to make the difficult decision to let her go last Tuesday. Her foster family will fondly remember Sarah as an unbelievably sweet and loving girl. In the short time they had her, Sarah provided a lot of joy and smiles. Rest In Peace, sweet Sarah.

9/20/20 – Forever Foster
On Tuesday evening, we were preparing to celebrate Sarah’s adoption. The following day, her foster mom was rushing Sarah to the emergency room because she was having seizures every 15 minutes. The doctors have been able to get her seizures to stop, but she is struggling to stand or walk. We are encouraged that Sarah is eating and drinking on her own. Please send prayers, love, and encouragement to Sarah. She has a suspected brain tumor and will be remaining with her foster family.  We are hoping to give Sarah as much quality time as we can.

Sarah is doing well in her foster home. Since starting the Keppra, she has thankfully had no further seizures. Sarah recently took a trip to Vermont with her foster family and she traveled great. We would love to find Sarah a forever home where she will be spoiled during her senior years. She is so sweet and well behaved. Sarah enjoys the company of the other dogs and loves attention from people. She usually has an early morning burst of energy, but then sleeps on the couch or dog bed most of the day. If you can provide a wonderful home for this special girl, apply today for Sarah.

After losing her home of ten years, Sarah settled in quickly with her foster family. She gets along well with her foster siblings, a female boxer and two male boxers. Sarah is also great with the kids and cats in her home. She is a quiet girl who is very well behaved. Sarah enjoys going out for walks, but she is ready for a retirement lifestyle and would be just as happy to spend the day asleep on the couch. Three weeks after arriving at her foster home, Sarah began having cluster seizures. She had eight seizures before we were able to get them stopped. One of these seizures caused impairments in vision. Sarah has since responded well to seizure medication. She has a consultation appointment with a neurologist next week.  Sarah is receiving a lot of love and attention from her foster family during this difficult time for her.

Sarah was originally found as a stray and taken to the ER because she was having difficulty standing. When she arrived at the shelter, Sarah was still very wobbly and collapsing. She was placed in a temporary foster home for closer observation and Sarah visited the vet the next morning for additional testing. Her bloodwork and cardiac functioning were normal. The vet suspected narcolepsy. Sarah remained in a temporary foster home in WV until her transport to AABR. During this time, Sarah was able to rest and she exhibited significant improvement without any treatment. She has been doing great with the other dogs, large and small, and has ignored the cats. Sarah is also wonderful with children. Her owners were located a few days ago and they made the difficult decision to surrender Sarah. Their other female boxer had become very aggressive toward Sarah and they had built a temporary pen to try to keep her safe. Sarah escaped from this enclosure. Her owners knew it was not fair to keep Sarah separated and they did not want to put this gentle girl at risk for future attacks. Sarah was transported this weekend to her new foster home in Maryland. She has been friendly to everyone and we will update Sarah’s page as we learn more about her.