Stefani NY

Status: Adopted
Gender: Female
State: New York
FA #: 2
Tag #: 3314
Age: 7 yrs, 3 months
Date of Birth: 05/05/2011
Weight: 55 lbs
Hair Color: Fawn
Ears: Natural ears
Tail: Docked tail
Reported Good With:
Male Dogs
Kids Age Range: Kids 8 and older

Stefani was named after a volunteer's yoga instructor who donated her time and studio to an AABR fundraiser! The volunteer is the one who rescued Stefani and Gallagher. Thank you!!

Stefani has been diagnosed with Diabetes Insipidus and kidney issues. She will be remaining with her foster home.

Stefani is on hold while some further medical tests are being completed. We will provide an update once we get the results.

Stefani is still available. She is cat friendly and loves other dogs. Stefani would love to find a home with an active dog to run and wrestle with.  We are surprised she hasn’t been scooped up yet!

Stefani is still waiting for her hero. September is puppy mill awareness month. Stefani is cat, dog, and kid friendly. She deserves the good life after living in an Amish mill.

Stefani has become a new girl since she left the horrors of an Amish puppy mill. She is the sweetest tomboy you will ever meet. Stefani spends most of her day wrestling with her fur foster brother and sisters. She enjoys the company of large dogs that will wrestle and play with her.  Stefani has blossomed into a bit of a supermodel. She has lost the much needed weight she had on from being confined in the mill. Some may think her eyelashes are fake because they are so long. Don’t be envious ladies, but her eyelashes are real!!! Stefani is also a marshmallow of a boxer. She enjoys cuddling with her humans on the couch and bed, and will supply you with endless love and kisses.

Stefani loves to greet her humans when they come home with multiple zoomies and 360’s.  She is a sweet, loving girl who is making the most out of life.  Stefani would make a wonderful addition to any home. She is as good as they get and may I say – perfect!!!

Stefani is enjoying life out of the mill. She has blossomed into a happy, bouncy, affectionate, and fun loving girl. She likes to spend her time wrestling with the resident dogs in her foster home and playing tag in the backyard with her foster parents. Stefani would do best in a home with another dog or two to continue her confidence building.  And she has been great with the 5 cats in her foster home.

She is a very happy girl who aims to please everyone she meets. Stefani has a lot of love to give and is an extremely loyal friend.

Meet Stefani, an adorable 6 year old mill mamma.  Stefani was rescued from a puppy mill by one of our volunteers along with Gallagher.  She is adjusting quite well to living in a home. She is fully house trained, crate trained and is learning to walk on a leash. Stefani is still decompressing, but appears to be a very happy go lucky girl.  She loves meeting new human friends and has been great with limited outings and proper introductions with other animals alike. Stefani is currently in a foster home with multiple dogs and 4 cats.

As with most mill dogs, Stefani has just received some much needed medical care.  Along with her spay, she needed dental work and a mammary gland removed because of a suspect growth.  We got the results and it was just a nodular hyperplasia, and she has a clean bill of health!

Stefani is coming into her own, and her own is wonderful.  Mill dogs have a history of a lack of exercise and a poor diet.  Stefani’s new family should be ready to take her for nice walks, provide her with a good healthy diet, and introduce her to all that she missed out on living in a crate.  In turn, Stefani will return the favor with much love and gratitude.  She is full of butt wiggles and kisses.