Tyson PA

Status: Memorial
Gender: Male
State: Pennsylvania
Age: 1 yr
Date of Birth: (Birthday unknown)
Hair Color: Fawn
Ears: Natural ears
Tail: Docked tail
Reported Good With:
Male Dogs
Female Dogs
Kids Age Range: Kids All Ages

Tyson has cancer invading his cheek, soft palette, and sinuses. Due to the extent and rapid growth, it is not treatable.

5/14/17 – MEMORIAL
It is with a heavy heart that I tell you our sweet Tyson crossed the bridge. He had been fighting a fever since Tuesday and though he had been fever free since early Thursday, he was not his usual, happy go lucky self. It was our utmost privilege and honor to shower this cutie with love and attention these past seven months. Our lives have been enriched by Tyson and though I know in time our hearts will heal, Tyson’s paw prints are etched on them.

I thank AABR for everything they did for Tyson. They went above and beyond. I know we did everything possible for him and explored all options to extend his life with quality and dignity.

Rest In Peace my sweet angel boy. Mommy loves you! Until we meet again, run free enjoying all those belly rubs and with no tumor weighing you down.

Tyson celebrated his first birthday yesterday. His foster family was thrilled he reached this special milestone. Tyson has a biopsy-confirmed malignant nerve sheath tumor which has invaded his hard palate, nasal sinus, and several facial bones. As indicated in previous updates, full surgical removal is impossible. Tyson will remain on steroids to prevent any discomfort and possibly slow the growth of the mass. Tyson’s previous abscess has healed and he is no longer draining fluid into his mouth and throat. Without all that fluid, the mass has gotten smaller and Tyson is much more comfortable. Tyson doesn’t have any symptoms at this time. He is running, playing, and eating normally. Tyson is a very happy boy. The oncologists can’t predict a time prognosis since this is such a rare tumor in a young dog. We will monitor the mass size carefully and are hoping Tyson will continue to defy the odds.

Almost two weeks ago, we discovered what we thought was a ruptured tumor. We drove to a specialist and were prepared for a rough day with the possibility of saying goodbye, but Tyson was not ready yet. The abscess was drained and cleaned by the vet. Unfortunately, the tumor was confirmed as a type of nerve cancer. Sadly, radiation would not yield very good results and there is not a possibility of resection due to the blood supply in the tumor. We are very grateful to be in Tyson’s corner. He is such a great dog. Tyson responds well to commands, behaves well, and loves everyone and everything.

Tyson has started a trial of Prednisone to see if we can shrink the tumor, or at least slow the growth. He is doing well in his foster home and enjoying all of the attention.

We wanted to thank all of Tyson’s supporters for their generosity. He received his CT scan and unfortunately, the news is not good. Tyson has cancer invading his cheek, soft palette, and sinuses. Due to the extent and rapid growth, it is not treatable. We are going to keep him comfortable as long as we can and Tyson will receive an over-abundance of love. Please keep this young boy in your thoughts and prayers.

10/05/16 –

Tyson was surrendered to rescue because his owner could not provide medical care for the large mass that developed on his face. AABR volunteers responded quickly and Tyson has just arrived at the University of Penn. The X-Ray revealed that it is a solid mass filled with blood. Tyson will be receiving a CT scan and biopsy tomorrow. Please consider donating towards his care. We will post new updates as soon as we learn more.