When someone asks how we can foster a dog and then give it up, we all have our own answer…

Dr. Seuss   “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”― [Dr. Seuss]

Foster Information

General Information about fostering

Most dogs in our adoption program are fostered by volunteers while they await adoption. Our foster homes are a group of individuals and families like yourself that have made room in their lives for homeless and unwanted boxers. However, although we are in great need of temporary homes for dogs, we must take into consideration the circumstances of each home. We do not often know what to expect from the dogs coming into our care, and we must make sure that the foster homes can deal with these uncertainties. We do our best to evaluate the dogs before taking them into rescue, but there are many things that do not reveal themselves until the dog enters a home, or are living in a home setting for awhile.

Some of the factors of the foster home that must be taken into consideration are the age of any children, the presence of cats or other animals, the security of a yard, and the behavior of other dogs in the household.   Foster dogs will not be fostered with intact or neutered males or females. We are as careful as we can be to match the home with a suitable dog, and the first step in accomplishing this is for interested parties to fill out a foster home application. The criteria for fostering is pretty much the same as for adopting, so we have combined it into one Adoption /Foster App. This form gives us an understanding of the family’s lifestyle and will help to match them with a suitable dog.

Many people ask us how we can take dogs into our homes, care for them, love them, and then give them up. The answer is simple…they need our help! Yes…we do find ourselves becoming emotionally attached…but we know that we are simply there to help. There is nothing more rewarding than placing a beloved foster dog into a new and loving home.

By taking these boxers into our homes, we are providing them an opportunity to find a permanent, loving home. Fostering can be one of the most rewarding parts of being a boxer rescue volunteer. By becoming a foster home, you can alter the course of a boxer’s life.

Many of the boxers in shelters will die if we cannot take them into our foster program. If you have ever considered fostering, we can use your help, and use it now!  Please consider fostering as a way to show your support and concern for the boxers in need of your help.  You may be their only hope.

Responsibilities of an Adopt A Boxer Rescue Foster Home:

When you take a foster Boxer into your home, you commit to caring for the animal until he or she is adopted. You are responsible for feeding good quality food and nutritious treats, providing appropriate toys, and giving lots of love, and in some cases help to socialize and train. We provide the medical care, and behavior/training and moral support.

Animals active in our foster program receive vaccinations, heartworm tests, are dewormed, and are spayed and neutered prior to entering the foster home, unless there is a medical reason to delay surgery. Additional medical expenses must be approved by Adopt A Boxer Rescue, unless there is an emergency.

If you have read this far and are interested in fostering, please fill out a Adoption/Foster Application and mark the first question “Interested in Fostering”.

If you’ve ever considered fostering, please consider signing up now…simply click here to fill out our adopt/foster home application. One of our volunteers will contact you and can answer any questions you may have. (Our Foster home and Adoption applications are one in the same, as the review process is identical)