Boxers In Need – Mill Dogs

daisypa1606-01Sunday, 09/18/16, was Puppy Mill Awareness Day so we felt it appropriate to launch Adopt A Boxer Rescue’s new website with an update story on one of our mill rescues.  Her new mom wrote:

fb95img951474301614981Mill Momma Daisy at 2 months!

So, it’s been 2 months since mill momma Daisy joined our home. The first three pictures are of where she spent her first 6 years, and her first moments of freedom…    No words for that… The last picture is of her new life with her now best bud, AABR Aries.

Daisy is learning so many new things and she brings such joy to our lives. 

Daisy is still very nervous in new situations, which everything is, and needs to takes things slowly. She has a difficult time calming down if over excited. We’ve had a few scrapes between Daisy and Aries, but I think that is because Aries doesn’t hear her cues.  He’s deaf.  We are now much more aware that she sometimes gives a look, and we understand that something is up.  We now have rules and boundaries set up for both of them, to give Aries some help if he is not looking at her.  For instance, each dog has a place to stay when we are eating, and it has made a big difference.  We’re all learning. fb95img951474301637777

Now for the positives. Daisy now goes up and down the stairs with no problem. She has also learned that our bed is very comfortable, but that she needs to wait for an invitation to come up.  She used to think Aries should stay off if I was in the bed… but making an “invite” the rule worked.  After the “invites”20160717_142107 they both think that the best place to wait for mom to come out of the shower is my bed!

Daisy loves to ride in the car and helped us move my daughter to Buffalo. It was a long but good trip for all.  And now Daisy goes in and out of both doors in the house without coaxing.  She still needed to be coaxed into my son’s house on a recent visit, but once in, Daisy loves my grandsons! She has no anxiety around them at all.  With adults, she is a little more nervous.

We had another first yesterday. There are many firsts for mill dogs. This was sharing morning hugs with my husband with Aries at the same time, with a wiggly butt! I almost cried! Then there are other really funny things, like in the car, she was sitting on top of Aries because he was lying down and hogging the whole seat. And Daisy loves her babies… anything that is soft and fuzzy!

Thank you for all you do! Lots of Love and Wiggle Butts, Kate, Paul, Aries and Daisy