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Roxi was on the website for quite awhile, without AABR updating her.  She was a senior dog, spayed in a shelter down south, with a mass on her leg that was also removed.  Initially she did not acclimate easily to her foster home, foster siblings, and shortly after arriving, her foster home determined she was deaf.  Oh… and did I mention she had a skin condition.  A lot going against her finding a forever home… But her foster home never gave up on her.

img_8577How’s that Rolling Stones song go…

You can’t always get what you want
You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you just might find
You just might find
You get what you need

Her foster and now adoptive mom wrote:

We are anxious to make it official that she is a part of this family… I am pretty sure she is 100% confident she already is.

It has been such an amazing journey with this little lady. She has grow from a scared little girl who you would cower in the corner when I would put on my shoes, to now initiating wrestling boxer play with my husband. We have overcome so many struggles together as a family. My kids have embraced hand signals and my little one insists on reading to her nightly even though she is deaf. Roxi seems to love their special alone time as well.

This little lady has stolen my heart and taught me patience which is my fullsizerenderlargest obstacle in life, (still don’t have a lot of it for people LOL). We faced some challenges early on with jealousy, but with the assistance of an excellent trainer, have made changes in our home that have made it an emotionally safe and healthy place for all pups. We have embraced all the new rules and it has paid off!!!!!

Roxi limg_7543oves jaw wrestling like every good boxer and gives her 2 year old boxer brother a run for his money. The girl has spunk for a senior. She also loves a good tumble with her bulldog sister.

Roxi has helped heal a huge hole in my heart left by our Boxer Nestle’, who we lost 3 years ago. Something about seniors that makes me tick. My house didn’t feel like a home without a senior to care for and one who would equally care for me.

Thank you for this beautiful gift… I am a proud failed foster!!

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